Hap​py Bird Co.

Happy Bird Co.​​​

is an inspirational graphic t-shirt line that is branded by thought and consciousness. We stand behind our product and believe that words are powerful. Our motto is Think. Feel. Do. Our tees are intended to make people think about life. About what decisions have been made and what decisions will be made. We want people to Feel. Feel how life has been impacted. We want people to be emotionally connected to what choices will be made to impact oneself and the lives of others. Do dare to ​​be a force, a movement. Do MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Our t-shirt line is intended to be interpreted differently by whomever chooses to interpret. The wearer may interpret the wording completely different than the reader but that's okay, that's how we intend for our shirts to read. It's a line for every culture, every demographic, for everyone.

iN sEARCH Of A  quality T-shirt that made a bold, impactful statement, Happy Bird Co. was born. Est 2016!!
Man oh Man!
With the essence of power at the starting point, our Men's line was created with elements of strength, confidence, intellect, and boldness. 

We LOVE our customers

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Retail! Retail! Retail! That's our background. We love  cool clothes that fit well and we love cool shoes. We love inspirational quotes that make you THINK. We've always had a radical way of thinking while simultaneously loving all people from all races, demographics, and socio-economic backgrounds. This has been our mantra. Fairness and equality for all. Intelligent conversations that ignite and inspire. Positive vibes and good energy is the platform of our existence.

Using our past as a catalyst, we are a graphic t-shirt company that was founded because of today's current state of existence. As murders of black lives began to become repetitive, as an African-American couple, we started to feel that our people were under attack. As the founder, I wanted a shirt that screamed for me. Summer 2016, our first tee was created: FREEDOM. Happy Bird Co. has grown by leaps and bounds speaking boldly against adversity, speaking for the FREE SPIRIT, and creating shirts that FEEL good and make people want to be different or make a difference. 
Our goal as business owners is to create an empire for our children and our children's children. We would like to continue building on our Mens line. We are thinking about creating awesome wall art, phone covers, and more. We have had several requests to produce kids tees. We listened! We will venture into this market 2018! We will begin our Loyalty Program which entails at 9th t-shirt purchase, our loyal customer will receive 10th  tee of choice at no charge! As humanitarians, we will make a financial donation to a different charity each quarter! ​